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Deciding what kind of noodles you want can be a daunting task as

the choices are so plentiful.


Step 1: Choose your Noodle......

Rice noodle: A wide flat noodle made from white rice flour

Fine vermicelli: A small wiry looking rice flour noodle

Stick rice noodle: A long stick shaped noodle, the same kind used in pad thai

Egg Noodle: A wheat flour noodle (yellow in color)

Clear noodle: A thin, wiry, transparent soy bean flour noodle

Step 2: Your Meat and soup.......

Once you have a favorite kind of noodle in mind, the next step is to make a decision whether to have 'naam' (with soup) or 'haeng' (dry). Then it's time to choose what meat you want in your noodles. Just look at the display and see what is on offer. You can have it 'pi sed' (extra) by adding any extra ingredient you like.

Now, Last Step...Enjoy!!

Once you have a bowl of noodles before you, you can start eating right away or add the condiments to spice it up a little. The condiments, aka the 'four flavors', are sugar, dried ground chili, vinegar with chili, and fish sauce. Adding sugar to noodles may be something of a novelty for you, but it's your chance to be experimental. And don’t forget, taste the food before 'four-flavouring' it! ENJOY !!!


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